Nov 18, 2011

Pink Coffin

I know Halloween is over, but I want to share with you this coffin I saw when we went to the cemetery last all Soul's day. It was weird how they were selling this and making display right  in front of the gate. I must admit that this caught my eye "wow! Pink Coffin". I got to take a pic of it for PF, when I did the staff from St Peter offered to take the pic instead and suggested that I go inside and give it a try..... What? Noooooooooo thanks. :)

Pink made it looked cuter and not creepier though, don't you think?

Just sharing.....

Happy Pink Friday everyone.



wifetoalineman02 said...

pretty coffin :-) am sure it looks expensive too. Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too

Rcel said...

WOW! Iba talaga ang St.Peter o! LOL. Don't you think they cater this pink coffin to their customers who are avid PF participants? Hahaha. Grabe, only in the Philippines ito! :D Kung ito gagamitin ng pamilya ng namatayan, ano kaya magiging reaksyon ng mga makikiramay ano? I am so curious! LOL

Was here for PF! You're welcome to stop by mine as wel! ;-)

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Katya kate said...

Hahaha, can't believe they asked you to try how it felt being inside! crazy guys! I just missed Filipino sense of humors. That coffin is definitely a beauty hehe! my first time to see a pink one :)

Jona said...

Eeeekkk....still creepy to me...on the other hand, the dead won't know what kind of coffin he's lying into. So I think designs are just for the living who can see the coffin and the dead inside it hehe :D ano ba tong pinag uusapan ko...

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