Sep 12, 2011

Sacred Heart Church: Requirements for Baptismal

Sacred Heart Church is one of the most sought church for weddings and baptisms here in Cebu. Two of my closest friends got married here, where they asked me to be their secondary sponsor and I've witnessed too many cherubs baptized and became the little members of The People of God.

I'm going to be a godparent to a gwapito little angel soon, and in preparation for the baptismal, I volunteered to ask Sacred Heart Church, where they want the baptism done, for the requirements.

This is what they handed me down:


  1. Baptism is the Sacrament of Initiation, by which a person becomes a member of the People of God, the Church.  He/She receives the life of our risen Lord and is destined for heaven.
  2. Parents and godparents are to be suitably instructed on the meaning of this sacrament and the obligations attached to it (Canon Law 851 2°).  Godparents should be Catholic and they share responsibility of the parents in nurturing the newly baptized to Christian maturity by the example of their Christian Life and teaching.
  3. Because godparents have this serious obligation and responsibility before God, parents should carefully select the godparents of their child.  Godparents should not be chosen because they merely have strong social connections.

  1. We require the following documents:
  • Photocopy of parent’s marriage contract:                       
  • Photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate;
  • Completed Baptismal Application Form signed by the parent(s) of the child to be baptized.
  • Written permission from your parish.
  1. To ensure that the godparent is a Catholic as per Canon Law we would like to request that at least (1) godparent provide a photocopy of his/her baptismal certificate.
  2. Parents and one pair of godparents are required to attend the Pre-Jordan Seminar except if they have had already two (2) previous children baptized at Sacred Heart Parish, or unless if they have a sound basis for exception.  Pre-Jordan Seminar is held every Friday, 7-8 P.M. at the St. Francis Xavier Chapel.
  3. Date and time of Baptism: Regular: Sundays only-         10:00A.M._____            4:00P.M.______
  4. For Single Baptism: any day-Provide your own priest. The priest’s stipend is given to him by the parents.
  5. Offering:
  • For Group Baptism:  P300 with 1 pair of godparents. In excess an additional P100 per godparent will be asked.
  • For Single Baptism:  P1,000 with additional P100 per godparent.
7.   A Donation is expected to cover electricity and maintenance costs.

           If you have any difficulty meeting any of the above requirements of requests, or if you have any valid reason for exemption, please do not hesitate to consult any of the Sacred Heart Parish priests.

Note: Should you decide to have your child baptized here, be on time.

Sacred Heart Parish Church
242 D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City
Tel. Nos.: 253-6479 / 255-1149




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