Oct 3, 2011

Weekly Snippets: Recovering

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :)

I spent the week at home, trying to recover from sore eyes. It was the first time I got it, and was surprised it took a long time for it to go away. Anyways, I had a good time with my mini me playing, reading, sleeping and eating.... Ah what a life, except for my  "monster eye" of course.

Yes... she now loves to play with my lipsticks aka "pipiks"

Hide and seek

During Sophia's nap time... I had the chance to make MOMO Corner Bookmarks for Kuya Icee (my nephew) and got carried away and made a whole bunch of it for my godchildren :)

Sophia's fave book
Hubby flew to Manila for a conference last Wednesday and came home last Saturday. When he did, to my surprise, he got infected w/ sore eyes? why?!? where did he get it? Anyways, I just want to take a break from conjunctivitis and think about our comfort food. Icecream.
excuse the lazy eye... still puffy att that time but I'm all well now. :)


Mommy Jes said...

ahahay ang cute naman ng PIPIks mo :D eheheh kikay n dn! :)) and saw your bookmars i love it!!
so cutie ni baby ahahha ang takaw sa ice cream!! :)) yan naiinggit dn tuloy ko...wait kain dn ako icecream :D

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