Oct 16, 2011

Sweet Saturday 19: Keys to a Happy Marriage: Fidelity and Trials

I didn't get to join last week's meme because we got infected with Sore Eyes, it's horrible and very infectious. First was yaya, Ater Ramie, then Little S, and then poor me, last week I infected Hubby and my Dad, and now it's my Mom and my nephew Kuya Icee. It's viral. I just hope it will go away ASAP.

Anyways, back to the Meme, I'm going to do two this week, Fidelity and Trials :)
" fidelity means faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support."
Luckily, we are blessed with that. From the very start we committed to be "one-woman-man". But we both know, temptation is just around waiting for the right timing to hit us especially when we are off gaurd. But Hubby and I believe that prayers, and more prayers and blessings from God will keep us strong.

To prevent me or him from playing James Bond (spying on each other), we agreed to be honest with each other, meaning I take what he said and not think otherwise because really from the start till now Maury hasn't given me any reason to doubt him. He is the most honest person I've ever known. Really. Sometimes irritatingly honest. Too honest. But I'm more than thankful to have a him. I'm so blessed.

We go on dates. Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with friends. It keeps us sane from all the daily routine of making a living, raising Sophia, and all the challenges marriage brings, that sometimes becomes reasons of disagreement. So, we take a break from all that and enjoy each other's company. We are going to have one this week, a 4 day break. Me and Him with couple of friends. That's our way of keeping the fire burning. :)


Right now our biggest challenge is "Monetary". Although Hubby's job gives him good pay and I ran 3 dental clinics, our expenses are just way more than what we are making. The problem is way back when I was hooked with credit card debts. When I was immature, and very irresponsible with money. And I'm talking way back when I was still single and unattached. That's like 4-5 years ago. (just imagine how impulsive I was before). And I regret it soooooooo much because now I have to pay for it and drag hubby too. Luckily, I don't get blames and complains from him but I have my own guilts. Our House is ready for us to transfer but we decided not to jump right in because our Monthly budget will go negative. How sad is that?

Gratefully through that experience I become more wise, I read books about money and managing it.

To avoid fights and disagreements every time we have trials, we made a rule: We talk about the problem, our feelings about it for an hour or two, we don't stay there for too long. After airing everything out we then find ways to solve it, we make concrete plans. After that we agreed to do the solving without talking or lingering back about the problem. In that way, we avoid hurting and blaming each other. And we can always move forward. :)


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Jona said...

thanks for the 2 in 1 post heehee :D
keeping the fire burning - i love that! all marriages need that, a break from all the routines and just focusing on your spouse :) how sweet!
it's always best to talk about current trials and move on :D
thanks for sharing and linking up once again!
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anney said...

We become a stonger person sa mg trials sa buhay. Saludo namn ako sa sobrang pagka honest ng hubby mo. Bihira ang lalaking ganyan.

Ronadelle said...

Oh, I love that rule that you made. There is always good in talking out things smoothly and leaving the problem behind but go forward to the solution. You are indeed blessed with a husband like him and the way you handle this problem is inspiring. God bless you and your family always!


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