Jul 5, 2011

My Heart

Where we live now is not our own, but I'm very grateful for having such wonderful parents-family for letting us stay awhile until our little house gets done.
This is the place where I grew up, for 29 years I called Home. I am very happy that little Sophia gets to live here for awhile too and spend time with my parents and siblings... I know when we move out and thats very soon, they are going to miss us especially our bubbly princess.

Sophia's favorite couch in the living room, where she climbs up and down... and up and down... and up and down...
But she is in her happiest, when she's on the floor. See what I mean?

I think she got it from me, and i got it from my dad hehehehe

This is our new house.... almost done!!!

Hubby and I will soon fill it with love and lots and lots of happy memories for us to cherish.

Phoebe Carla

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven

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simply kim said...

it's very pretty!

MY ENTRY is here!

Dinah said...

you are lucky to have lived in your home where love clearly is abundant! am sure your little girl is spoiled sa lolo just by looking at them ;-) and am so looking forward to more photos of your own home! goodluck to your family and may it be filled with love always!

Chris said...

you are truly blessed to have your own house soon. hope that you will have many happy memories together :)

welcome to mommy moments :)

vaneneng said...

sure your princess brings lots of laughter and gladness to your home! :) thanks sa visit sis see you around!

Joy Mendiola said...

such a pretty baby girl you have!!!

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