Sep 12, 2011

Love Note for Sophia: Personality

My Sophia,

Being presentable and beautifying yourself is not bad, I even believe that it is significant. And an extra pressure on your part, because you are a girl.

But more important than that too, is having a good personality that goes with your outer beauty. Because if without a good heart, superficial beauty is just as useless.

Be truly beautiful.


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Vernz@ Chalk Dust said...

Hello Carla, is this your daughter? Kagwapa man oi...

PS. not just extra pressure ... but full pressure kay babaye jud :)

thanks kaayo sa laag :) followed you here :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

So pretty. I love her name too Lal (okay lang ba that call you Lal or you prefer Carla?). Just tell me okay?

Please drop by to see my mellow yellow when you get a chance. Have a lovely Monday!

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