Sep 12, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

We were about to go to Sacred Heart Church to get the requirements for the baptism of my godson when it poured.

The rain that is.

And instead of pushing through we decided to to let Little S experience bathing in the rain.

The one thing I miss most  doing as a child. We used to do this with my 2 brothers all the time. The rain never stopped us from playing, we were careless and free. We are happy dancing and singing in the rain like frogs.  :) We are the few who doesn't sing the "rain rain go away song" because we are rain lovers. (typhoon is a different story of course).

 So it rained last Saturday, seeing my daughter and hubby happily playing, soaked in the rain brought me back to my childhood. When I was still carefree and worry less...Oh Happy memories...

She was sooo happy with her first rain experience, I'm betting it won't be the last... :)

Who ever said rain can ruin a family fun time? Definitely, not us.
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Mommy Jes said...

wow!! ang cute ng mag ama!! how i wish we have a parking like that nung nsa pinas p coz we wanted to do that too!!! :) so cute!! Thanks for linking back :D

Mel Cole - Family Time said...

So true, rain won't damage family time oi. It's fun and way of bonding to be in the rain together! :)

chubskulit said...

I used to do that when I was a kid too. Nice family bonding.

Linnea said...

Wow! That is one joyful scene...dancing in the rain!

imriz said...

this is what i call precious bonding moments. we still bathe in the rain til now...ang saya!

Hazel said...

What fun! That rain certainly gave your husband and daughter so much fun bonding :)

Hazel said...

Rain is so much fun. My belief that it is hasn't changed all these years. I used to cry a bucket because I wasn't allowed to play in the rain as a kid (health issues). Happy reminiscing!

Kim, USA said...

She is a cutie!

The Lamp

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