Aug 9, 2011

Love Notes for Sophia: You Rock Our World

Yes you did!!!
Your first year with us, is by far the most exciting, emotional, tiring yet happiest year of our lives...

And what an achievement you had, as early as 11 months, a basketball team asked you to be their muse... :)

That just proves, you didn't only rock daddy and mommy's world... "You Rocked" everybody around you.


You can read more Love Notes for Sophia here:


Vernz@ Consumer Mom Talks said...

Awww.... she's so cute.. babies are always lovely.. was here sis for WW. see you :)

January said...

she's so cute..:)

Visiting from WW here's mine BBW Hand Sanitizer, Dashing Smile and Wedding

Rcel said...

Awww! Whata cutiepie! Napapangiti ako! :)

Visiting from WW. My whites are these:
White Castle @ the Library
Portraits at the Milwaukee Art Museum
White Aster

Hope to see you! Have a wonderful day!

raya said...

what a happy little princess! love this photo.. precious!

thanks for sharing this and for joining WW again this week!

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