Aug 8, 2011

Shadow playing

We had a 2 hour black out some nights ago...

Little S is scared of shadows, even her own.We don't want that. Hubby and I promised not to scare her with anything made up just to shhhhh her... For days, I was trying to explain to her that shadows are harmless and that it's just really her. She's just 1 year and 4 months old, I wasn't sure if she got my explanation but at least I still gave it a try.

So this black out was a blessing in disguise, we got to explain to her through "shadow playing", how she can control her own shadow and we showed to her all the fun stuffs she can make out of it with a little imagination. I'm stunned by how smart she is. I guess we parents should never under estimate our babies, even in their young age.

and luckily, she understood and even played with her own shadow. She was singing and dancing and was actually having fun.

See? even her shadow shows how much fun she had that night... hehehehe :)

The night ended with the usual book reading... she comes to us bringing her "boo", handing it out for us to read it to her until she can sleep.

No black out can steal away our family bonding, especially now Little S has overcome her fear of shadows.



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