Jul 5, 2012

Ready Set Go


Wouldn't it be easier if my friends are fat? I know right. Hahahahaha...
Anyways, It's just for laughs I'm still motivated to do "Bringing Sexy Back Project:" The fun is just about to begin.

I started my BSB Project last Monday, I'm anxious and excited at the same time. Every Monday I'll try to post updates on how I did that way I will be able to document my progress. There's no backing up now!

For starters, I took my BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure my body fat based on my height and weight. This will tell me if I'm overweight, underweight or normal. The values should be as follows:

BMI Categories:
  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

I used the BMI calculator from here, if you want to do it manually you can do so by using this formula

English BMI Formula
BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x Height in inches ) ) x 703

My result is 23.4, meaning I'm still in the normal range. Yipee. But I know I still have to lose these bulges.

Anyhow in summary here's my measurements, I'm going to update it weekly and see how I progress.

I included my waistline because I learned from here that BMI alone isn't accurate enough to distinguish between lean, sexy, healthy muscle and excess body fat. I also learned that excess body fat raises the risk of a lot of serious diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer and more.

So for my measurements:
Height: 5 ft tall
Weight: 120 lbs
Waistline: 29

I said before the goal is to lose 10 lbs and then 10 lbs more. Plus I want to have my muscles toned. Flabby muscles please go away!!!

Tips anyone, I highly appreciate it if you could share one or two with me :)



kat said...

Haha. I know that prayer.

You are at a normal range. I'm at the borderline. One pound more and I'll be overweight.

monleg said...

brisk walking and running helped lose all my extra pounds

filman santiago said...

This is great. Wait, what about for men? Any tips on what are the calculations us men should have? :) All the best with your project by the way. Cheers!

yinyin said...

good luck! but don't forget to have fun during the process and never be too hard on yourself. =)

genefaith said...

we're on the same goal:) though they said I'm not fat but still I want leaner muscles especially the waist part...All my friends are skinny so you'll understand my pressure..he..he...

Good luck on your sexy project..you can do it! I hope I will be successful too..By the way, I'm doing Zumba....

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah! I used the BMI calculator and I'm 1.7 off the normal! Hahaha! I've been trying to lose weight but just don't know where to start. Share your diet regime (eating habits, activities), it might work for me.

Gelo said...

I like the photo, hahahahahahahaha...

Chinmay said...

Cute family and real fun share!

♥♥♥irene♥♥♥ said...

Haha I had the same wish too! But you're not fat though, your waistline is just fine. =)

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

I too am looking forward to looking the extra baby pounds put on after #3. It has taken a long while and I'm seriously hoping that it will go off this year. I'll be doing more walking and stair climbing with the kids.

Taylor Gilmore said...

Good luck Lalah! You can do it. Can't wait to read of your progress!

Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

Good luck Lalah! I'm sure the BSB project will be a success with sufficient determination, patience and discipline.

You are not alone, dear. I am on project 5 too, hihihi. I wish to lose 5 pounds too though I'm doing it the right way (minus the fad diets available in the market, eating right, choosing the right kind of food and making this a lifestyle). I'm sorry I got carried away coz I've been dieting I think since I was in high school :P

Kaya mo yan girl :D

Sumi Go said...

I'm also still on the normal range, but I wish I'd be fitter and get back on my high school figure.. haha.. Anyway, good luck with your project and I'm sure you'll reach the goal with proper diet, regular exercise and loads of discipline.. :)

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