Jul 9, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Our School Girl

July 9:

Finally I get to take a picture of Sophia in her uniform. 

She isn't really required to wear one since she's still in Nursery Junior but I want her to fit in so I got her a pair of uniform. Most days, she just wears civilian. She wears clothes of her choice, most of the time she wants to wear pink so right now she's running out of pink clothes hahahaha....





Yhey said...

Oh my! She looks EXACTLY like you. Hihi! She is like a mini you. :) You have such a cute daughter. :)

Lalah said...

Thanks Yhey. Hubby is so envious he's asking me for a mini him hahahahah

Allan said...

Nice uniform there!

ae mi lee said...

Awwww. She's sooooo adorable! :D

Mommy Maye said...

Cute little girl she is. I want a baby girl or twins too.

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