Jun 25, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Unnecessary Markings

Kuya Icee got home from school with these marks. An arrow drawn with a pen on his forehead and writings on his right arm that says "Don't forget ur stuff!"

Who made those marks, if you may ask? HIS TEACHER!

Why? because he left his project at home.

My mom and I asked him over and over if it's really his teacher who did that and his answer was always yes. Not that we don't believe him. It's just that I can't believe a TEACHER can embarrass a child like that. She could have called my brother ( Kuya I's father) and tell him that Icee was too irresponsible, forgetful and out of focus and ask if he could follow up and assist him. Or she could have given him a low grade or even a zero grade if she wishes to, or write a note to let his daddy come for Icee's school progress meeting. There could be other better disciplinary action that can be to the child advantage, after all that's why we send our kids to school to be better people, right? But she chose to make unnecessary markings on Icee's forehead and arm.

I asked him, why didn't you erase it? 
" Because my teacher will let me stay outside rain if I erase it"
Was she mad at you?
"Yes. She said Tanga gud. It's STUPIDITY"
Icee didn't have his afternoon snacks because he's too embarrassed to  go to the canteen.

OMG! This may not be a physical abuse but this is abuse just the same. To be embarrassed and belittle in front of your classmates is traumatic, we've all been to grade 4 before so we know how it it. Icee will surely remember this forever.

My brother is going to Icee's school today to talk to the principal and the teacher.  I hope She gets the proper disciplinary action from her authority. I hope nothing like this will happen again. I know I wouldn't wish it on anybody's child.







Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

I'm sorry this has to happen to Icee. This must caused him so much embarrassment.

Your brother going to the school to personally talk to the teacher is a wise move. If I were the parent, I would even go straight to the principal's office for this incident. This is downright humiliating. I hope this gets resolved soon.

Let's follow each others' blog? Take care!

Mommy Maye said...

Aww! Your brother should really talk to the principal. This should not be tolerated. Nakakababa ng self esteem ito and of course napahiya sya. Mabuti he still want to go o school pa after this?

Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com)

kath said...

grabe nga! that teacher should be reprimanded..

GeriLen ELinessete said...

my cousin experienced maltreatment and embarrassment, and my tita go directly to DepEd! she wanted to remove the teacher's license, and she did.
well, at least try to talk to the teacher and principal first... and if you're not satisfied with them then you could try my aunt's way. lol

Ms. Journ said...

Is this really possible? A teacher can do this? What a teacher sis! Here in Norway you can never do such things to a kid. You will be immediately reported to the office. This is not the way to teach and remind kids. Poor Icee...

avagabondmom said...

This reminds me of my little girl (2.5 yrs old) being spanked in pre school because she doesn't behave.

Teachers should be second parents to the children, to take care of them and teach them. Not embarrass or hurt them. I feel so bad for the little boy. I hope the teacher gets reprimanded for this.

Sander said...

Sad to hear that some teachers can act that way, I'm curious as to what happened after, do keep us updated.

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