Jun 24, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Sophia and Mommy's Adventure

Me and Sophia went to church today, and I'd say this is a memorable moment for both of us. For one, we rode a public transportation just me and her. It is Sophia's first time and I haven't rode a public transportation for a long time already I don't even know how much the fare is, it was like adventure for us. Plus IT'S JUST ME AND HER. 

I want her to try riding a public transpo, because I don't want her to grow up maarte like some kids I know. I want her to grow and see the bigger world not the very protected, easy and comfortable life because I love her. 

Carry  lang pala. I had exaggerated thoughts while riding the multicab but it's not that bad at all. Sure it's not really that comfortable but it's not that bad din. :)

When she saw the balloons at church she was jumping and shouting "Mommy, Balloons" .

I was suppose to tell her "No anak, we can't buy that today because we will ride a public transpo" ang hirap kaya.

Maybe she saw my worried face, before I can even say a thing she said,
"La money, mommy?"
I just nodded because it's hard to explain about the whole transpo thing and she didn't make kulit anymore.

I laughed and kissed her. So cute my anak. So understanding at her young age.





KRIZZA said...

Hi Sis! It's good that you had a great bonding with your cute little girl! I guess, you're right, letting our kids see the other side of the world will make them view things on a wider perspective! Keep it up Sis!

rachelle said...

we have the same thought. i also want my kids to try out public transpo just for them to experience it. good thing they're were just so eager and had no fear in them.

Lalah said...

Sophia actually had fun. We might do more often but I have to bring somebody along to at least carry our bags.

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