Jan 11, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: First Word Book

January 11: 

Sophia is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Today she can finish her "first word" book in less than a minute, we need to buy her a new one. She flips the book and read each page with confidence. You better be listening, else she would call your attention sometimes with her "pheez" (please) sometimes with a slap of her book.
" AT (hat), SHOS (shoes), BOT (boat), CAW (car), AYON GRRRRAW (lion), GOT (goat), BOK (book), HANDS, FECH (feet), FACE, KIKEN (chicken), DUCK, KET (blanket), DOG, CAT, BALL, CUP, CHER (chair), EBOL (table) HANDS, ETCH (eat)"
And today too, she learned to say her name. Instead of the old "PIA" to "FIA", today finally in her sweet small voice she looked at me pointing herself saying " SHO FIA". My heart leaped with delight and pure joy.





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