May 29, 2012

Sophie's Style: Crayons our New Secret Weapon

Boy, don't you love crayons?

Well, I do. Beside from the very obvious reason that I am specially inclined to artworks, pretty and colorful things, Crayons has become the secret weapon we use to Sophia when we she becomes very impatient and irritated, and it has worked wonders on her.

Say for example in restaurants, my hyper active child couldn't stay still and wait for our orders to come. Bring out the paper and crayons.... and TADA.... instantly our table becomes peaceful as we wait for our hearty meal. Now who says, we can't handle going out without a yaya? Yes, we are still yayaless. But slowly now we've adapted and being hands on working parents has become easier now compared to the first few months we let go  the yaya...

Anyways, we went to Manila last May 13 and 14, just the three of us, hubby, me and Sophia. Crayons made our lives easier that day at least easier for Maury and I, and fun for Little S.

This was at the airport NAIA 3 on our way home to Cebu... 

When the magic of the crayon comes to an end, Little S is back to her active self but of course kids are kids and there is no way you can stop them from being curious and playful. But at least when we need time to control their tantrums or when we need to divert our little kids attention we have crayons/colors to depend on. At least it worked for my Little S.

Sophie’s Style:

Top: Gingersnap
Leggings: SM

Have a safe cold  Tuesday everyone. Kisses from Sophia. :)



Cym Marzan said...

She's such a cutie! I think it is better to be yayaless, if I didn't have three small kids. It's more intimate and fun with just us, the family, than with an outsider. If only it weren't difficult!

A Filipina Wife's Diary said...

Good for you guys we're also yaya less at the moment and having two kids is like a nightmare.. good thing my kids loves crayons too..

one example of that is about my new blog.. come check it out..

Lady Spring said...

I read about this "technique" in keeping a child occupied at Daphne Osena's blog. Also she does this because she didn't want her kids to get used to Mama & Papa's gadgets.

I plan to do this too when I have my own kid.

Your little angel is super cute! She looks like a mini-you~ hehe

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