May 31, 2012

Mother's Day Special 2012

Here's the funny thing, I really didn't know the weekend we went to Manila was Mother's day pala until we arrived at MOA where our convention was held, somebody gave me a rose, I was like "Wow how nice of them naman to give out Flowers, Ganito ba talaga sa MOA?" Pasensya, first timer po. LOL

My friend told me, yun nga it was MOTHER's DAY.... Hooow mygood! I didn't know about it and I didn't even leave my mom a present for Mother's Day. Anyway, yun Mother's day instantly became so exciting for the three of us.

Hence, the Mother's Day Special. :)

May 12. Our flight from Cebu to Manila was at 4:30 am, I bathe Sophia before she slept, so what we did was just grabbed her and went straight to the airport the following day. 

Yes as soon as we got to the airport she woke up and didn't go back to sleep until 10 am. At least Sophia was so behaved the entire trip. No Tantrums. She didn't get scared with the turbulence, I instructed her to drink milk if her ears pop due to pressure and she obliged without any hassle. I let her sit down near the window and she can't stop saying WOW to the light. Haaaay, it's so fun to be a kid.

So our first day was we went to Manila Ocean Park, where I blogged about it here.

The second day I attended the NADTI Convention and I brought Maury and Sophie along with me. 

@ NADTI Convention

Lunch date at Burgoo

Of course we dined out after and hang out at Resorts World where we waited until 9 pm to go to NAIA for our 10:45 pm flight.

It was indeed fun and memorable. Imagine we celebrated Mother's day away from home just the three of us. Next year out of the country naman. Choz. Lol

Special shoutout to Nina who has a big heart. Lovs you Ninanins.... Thank you for driving us around and for letting us stay at your condo as in thanks so so much. Parang gusto na namin bumalik for another short escape. lol.


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jelai said...

Wow..Your life is so ideal. :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! what a fun and memorable day to spend Mother's Day :-) beautiful family you have Sis :-) How I wish I can visit the Manila Ocean Park :-) Dropping by from Mommy Moments

Allan said...

Nice trip. A simple trip to Manila then suddenly became a mother's day treat.

Chris said...

welcome back to mommy moments! :D wow, a nice mother's day trip indeed!

avagabondmom said...

It's always fun to do a short trip! And of course quality time with the family is always the sweetest!

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