Mar 2, 2012

We are YAYA less

We have been Yaya less for almost 3 months now, and maybe you'd think it must be hard for working parents like us. Well, it was very challenging at first especially for me or for most  working moms out there with the same situation because whether we like it or not the moment we became mothers, we also became worriers.

But being Yayaless taught us a lot about parenthood, responsibilities and I've discovered a lot about me.

Maury, Sophia and I are closer. Everyday is family day. Everyday is a chance to get to know each other better.

We learned to give and take. We now have one on one time with Sophia.

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A test of patience. After work, I leave my smack gown and wear my mommy clothes. Play with her a bit, dinner time, prepare her milk, bath time and then cuddle her to sleep. But it's not always smooth like that, there's also tantrums,  and because I'm taking care of our most precious possession, I have no other way to go but be More patient (1000x).

Playtime with Sophia is sooooooooo fun. It's such a happy moment to be reliving my childhood. Thank you anak.

Being Yayaless, taught me that I could never go tired watching Barney and Tangled 10x a day because it makes Sophia happy.

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I am a superwoman, its just a relative term. I want to do everything from being a super Dentist, Super Wife and Super Mom but having a 2 year old child and being the superwoman wannabe that I am - is just impossible. Reality Check: No man is an island. I need help. To know that and to accept that I can't do it all is humbling. And to finally let down the barriers and let people reach out to help is a blessing.


There are more, but can't find all the pictures.... Mommy Eb and Daddy Dodong, Mommy Elit and Daddy Willy, Mommy Ecky and Daddy Jing, My cousins near and far. And more more more to mention. Thank you for all the love and support.

And let's not forget the most loved Kaka and Mimi (Lolo and Lola) 

We are blessed with families and friends who love us and who love Sophia. We got a lot of happy baby sitter volunteers... It's overwhelming.

Makes me think being yayaless is not that bad after all.


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rona said...

Blessing pa din lalah kahit yayaless. See? Super ang bonding? Hay, made me panic LNG Kasi I and hubby are planning to have a baby na din. These are all the reasons why we wait muna. But then, I know that everything will be ok. THe joy that a child brings to the family is the greatest gift after all! Yehey!

anney said...

Very lucky Sophia! She is surrounded with wonderful and very loving people.

KM said...

ang pretty ni Sophia :) thanks for sharing your glories and blessings of motherhood and of being without a yaya ;)

thanks for joining Happiness Is. see you there again for another round of happy posts :)

wifetoalineman02 said...

Sophia is so pretty Sis :-) she looks like a happy baby, glad that you make it without the yaya :-) wtg!!! Visiting from Happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.

Rovie said...

You are indeed so blessed to have those loving people around you. Spending time with our little ones is indeed priceless as we really discover new things about our baby...

Late visit for Happiness Is sis...

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