Feb 19, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Love from Canada

February 19: 

Mommy Ecky is so back from Canada after a 2 months vacation, Sophia misses her so much and we do too, so we are happy that she's home and we are happier with the goodies she have for us.

These are goodies from Canada with love. Thank you so much to my cousins who never fails to remember us. We will see you soon on we'll sure have a blast.


Take a sneak peak on our everyday life:



rona said...

Hi Dentist Lalah! I'm so napapabilib sa mga dentist and naaamaze lalo na kapag naka-white coat! I just really admire professionals. I only had experienced tooth extraction once pa lang by a dentist who is close to me and my hubby. Ang gaan gaan ng kamay nya, and I'm sure ganun ka din. Makabisita nga din sayo. Yeehee!

Anyway, your Sophia is so cute in that one particular photo na pacute tlga!

Rona here, visiting!

You may want to look at what's going on sa nakakaloka kong tagalog blog. Come and visit!


Lalah said...

hey Ron. Thanks for the visit. I'd be glad to be your tooth slave but sana hindi naman tooth extraction gawin natin, sad yun hehehehe :)

mutzii said...

What's that game please? Geeh, I wanna download it, too! been searching for planting/harvesting games but can't seem to find it android market. Grr!

rona said...

Visiting back again lalah girl! Nabasa mo yung tawas post ko diba? Naku maloloka ka sa update. Punta kana Dali! Haha excited akes!


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