Mar 3, 2012

Love Notes for Sophia: First Birthday Cake

Sophia is one year old and 11 months today, which means, exactly a month from now she will be turning 2. 

I should start planning her birthday. I know I said I'll plan early as early as six months but here I am again.... 

My Ged.... I hope I can pull things off. I'm a little pressured because everybody is expecting a great party, because we threw one big First party for her last year. (Parang nag debut lang naman ang anak ko last year.)

We have our reasons why we had it grand, after the miscarriage I had before Sophia and the waiting and praying for another baby, and then I finally got pregnant with her again, for the whole 9 months I was scared to death of losing another baby, so when she turned one we just have to celebrate, our way of thanksgiving.

This year, we want to throw a simpler one for her. My mind is full of ideas already and I can't wait to start planning. I am in love with parties and small details. I'll be sharing it here in my blog and I'll be sharing Sophia's long overdue first birthday last year too in my next post. (crossing my fingers) It's going to be a fun post with lots of DIYs

Let's all have a great weekend :)


Love Notes for Sophia



Sheryl Apuhin said...

wow baby! ganda naman ng cake..lalo na ni baby!
cakes look so yummy din..
from mommy moments..

Sheryl Apuhin said...

follow you on network blog mommy..

Icar said...

Our children so precious to us that we want to give them the best...good luck on your party planning sis!advance happy 2nd birthday to sophia!late MM visit!

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