Oct 26, 2011

An Angel Sent to Heaven

We named him Angelo. Our unborn son.
After we got married, we wanted to have a child right away, we thought it would be easy, but it wasn't. Despite the frustration and depression of “trying but failing”, we were still hopeful that our prayers be heard, and God would grant us a child. We promised to take care of him and raise him well.
One day that prayer was granted. And we were in ecstasy. Every day, I talk to my baby as if he's there beside me. Everyday my love for him grows. Every day I imagine how it would be like to carry him, kiss him cuddle him... But that joy was short termed...  I carried him for 4 months, and then he was gone.
My heart was shuttered to pieces. It was the most painful thing that happened to me. I remember, a lot of good friends wanted to comfort me but at that moment no amount of sympathy could console my heart. My son died even before he was born... and I couldn't do anything to save him. My husband and I mourned for days, it even lasted for months.
One morning, my husband woke me up. He was teary eyed. He told me he had a dream, He was in a beautiful garden and a very handsome little boy came up to him, hugged him and said "it’s nice to meet you daddy, take care of mommy and baby sister" and then walked away to the mountains with an elderly man who was waiting for him, waving to my husband goodbye. 
In my heart I knew it was my Angelo. My baby boy. The angel we sent to heaven. On that same day I feel the impulse to take a PT. Tears of joy was overflowing, I can’t believe it. I’m bearing another child. Call it faith, coincidence or call it anyway you want, in my heart I know Angelo wanted to tell us the good news before he went to heaven. I'm bearing another child.
Deep deep in my heart I knew that this baby is going to be born, because Angelo told my husband, because God loves us so much and trust that we will be good parents. Nine months after, we named her Sophia Isabelle.

To my son Angelo, there wasn't a day that passed without me thinking of you. How i wish I could hug you and cuddle you, kiss you and nurture you. I love you as much as I love your little sister. Daddy, Mommy and Sophia loves you so much.

The day we will meet, Seems so far away
But until then, In my heart you will forever stay.
Our gift from God
Our Angel sent to Heaven.

Mommy Carla


Mel Cole said...

Nangilabot ako sa story mo sis. Yes indeed, you got an angel in heaven. I am glad you are happy with your baby girl now.

daisy said...

an angel sent to give you the good news! God bless his little soul!

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