Jan 13, 2012

Sophie's Style: Toothbrushing Sophie Style

Father, Mother, Brother Sister...How do you brush your teeth?

One of my greatest fear is treating my own family with tooth problems, because they shouldn't have any in the first place. If any of them does, it's going to be a slap on my face, I treat other people's tooth problems so I shouldn't neglect my own familys health right? Luckily for us, Sophia brushing her teeth came naturally for her. 

When I gave birth to Sophia, she already has 2 incisors (front teeth) which finally came out a few weeks later. But Little S started brushing as soon as the new two incisors appeared, that's like when she was 5 months old, it was me who did the brushing at first of course. When she was 8 months old that's the time she started brushing on her own.

Last Christmas I bought her a new toothbrush from firefly. And she really loves it. Now, she's the one to remind us that it's already brushing time. Perfect! diba? 

I already have the makings of an independent child.  :)

Here are a few reminders:

  • never neglect your babies temporary teeth, they are as important as the permanent. 
  • around 5 - 7 years old, the first permanent molars erupt. Never think that it's still temporary because it didn't replace any temporary tooth. That's because they really don't. They just erupt without replacing any tooth.
  • As always prevention is better than cure. Brush your children's teeth every after meal. As soon as they have teeth they can already visit their dentist.
  • Make their first dental visit non-traumatic, meaning don't just see the dentist when your already in pain. See your dentist twice a year.
Sophie turning the light on
The cool brush is very effective on children. Why? because it has  cool designs, it has a LED light that blinks for one minute ( the duration of  how long your child should brush) 1 minute for the upper teeth and one minute for the lower teeth. But most importantly they have soft bristles meaning easy on the gums and enamel.

As soon as the lights stop blinking, Sophie wouldn't stop brushing still. She would just turn the light back on and brush again and keeps looking at the mirror while she brush and exclaims her non stop "WOW"

Here's Sophie and her beloved Firefly Hello Kitty design Toothbrush.

So inlove with the blinking lights

Sophie's Style:

toothbrush: Firefly in Hello Kitty design



Venus Guieb said...

mommy you are a dentist? never ko napa clean teeth ng toddler ko and now mejo sira sira na ipin nya infront and sa loob.. takot kasi siya sa dentist, nung first try nmin. is it much better na mapalitan agad mga un kesa abutin pa ng 5to7 years old? hihihi curious lang.... cause din po ba un ng thumbsucking?

BTW, cute naman nung toothbrush.. san yan available?

thank you so much and happy PF!


zoan said...

ang CUTE naman ng pink na toothbrush ng baby mo :)

NETTIE said...

Wow! I wish I had one when I was younger! Dream toothbrush ko noon yung may battery eh :))

happy caity said...

that's a cool toothbrush. i'm sure Caity would love it, especially it's Hello Kitty!

where did you buy it? do they have other designs fit for boys?

btw, kids' style is up, you can already submit your link there. thanks! :)


wifetoalineman02 said...

what a cute toothbrush, liked it :-) keep brushing those cute teeth :-) visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.


January said...

wow.. she's cool. I wish my 1 year old can brush his own teeth. but hirap nga pa-open ng mouth nya.. hahayz..


jeromejames said...

Visiting from kid's style. sophie's toothbrush is really cute. and for sure with a mommy dentist her teeth would always be beautiful.
I would like to take this chance to invite you to my weekly meme also called Daddy and me. You can post pictures of my playmates together with their Daddy or the "man" of their lives. Thank you.

Rosemarie said...

so girly toothbrush.. and mommy you have a pretty daughter, late visit for PF, i hope you can dropp by at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2012/01/pink-and-yellow.html and leave some love....

imriz said...

looks like a mommy dentist here. i'm sure sophie won't be needing braces when she grew a little older because her teeth is well taken cared for :)

Genejosh said...

wow what a cute toothbrush! I never had that on my days..he..he...my lil boy has like this with doraemon design...

Your Sophia is blessed to have a dentist mom..I'm sure she'll have the best and beautiful teeth ....
visiting you back from Pink Fridays..Sorry for the delay.

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