Jan 12, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Happy 31st Pinky

January 12: 

I got a phone call from PingPing aka Pinky my pet name for her as she calls me Fifi too her pet name for me, telling me she's in Cebu!!! Oh yeah, maybe she's here for the up coming Sinulog Festival. 
During our conversation she was telling me 
Ping: "LAIN KAAYO KA BYANG" (You are so mean fifi)
Me: (clueless, as in, clueless) "Why? You are the mean one. You didn't tell me you are coming"
Ping: "really? what date is it today?"
OMG. As in OMG!!!! It's her 21st birthday. NOT. 31st birthday. Ok so I'm the mean one. Truth is, I didn't forget it's her birthday. In my heart I know that January 12 is her day, I will never forget it. I just didn't know it was January 12 that day. Seriously.  

It was so nice to date my bestfriend again. Happy birthday Ping. I wish you true and pure happiness. mwah :)





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