Oct 31, 2011

Halloween: Trick or Treat

Yep... We went Trick or Treating too...

I got two kids ( Kuya Icee and Little S) all prep up with costumes and uberly excited Daddy and Mommy.So we headed to Parkmall to join the other kids to have some halloween fun only to find out, registration ended yesterday. :( Oh Noooooooo....

I can't let that ruin the spirit of halloween , so i told hubby not to tell the two kiddos and we'll just do our own trick or treating... After all, who could resist these two adorable cuty pies...

He left his "scream mask" the night before at school after their halloween party so I revised his costume and did some make up. He was so against it, because he don't want to be called "gay". He was in a bad mood at the car and wouldn't accept any explanation from me. When we got there, couple of parents came to him and asked if they could let their babies have pictures with him. O diba? it then changed his mood and thinks his costume is cool... hahay... Kids.


I reused Sophia's dress from her Candyland's first birthday party. I wanted a different costume for her but didn't have enough time to make it, I got caught up with our Singapore trip. But never the less my prettypie is still cute as ever with her tutu. I promise to be more prepared next year.

We hopped from one store to the other with our sweet smile "TRICK OR TREAT".... and received lots and lots of candies... We had so much fun....

You think the day is done? Nope. Not with this uber hyper kids. They begged like Puss in Boots to go play arcade. And because this day was all about them and all about fun, we obliged.

Kuya I, won Sophia a bear... the one in the pic my little girl keeps holding. And as usual, the day ended in the restaurant, feeding two very very happy but hungry kids...


If you love children’s party, I've got a few collections here



jared's mum said...

welcome, i guess this is your first time to join K.I.D, right? I'd really appreciate if you could add our cute badge on your entry or link back to my post...thanks :)

wow! you looked like you had a great trick or treat adventure + the dracula costume is really the coolest! maybe i can try that when am bigger :)

thanks for joining + hope to see you again next week ~ Jared

Lainy said...

Ang cute naman ng mga anak mo, at ang Mommy, super hottie!

I am sure you all had loads of fun joining the event even if the registration had ended, LOL!

Thanks for the comment at scottzprincess.net

See yah!~

sHeNgKaY said...

cute naman ni candy irl..
and look that cute vampire!
visting from KIDS..

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