Sep 28, 2011

Love Notes for Sophia: First Photographs

I have this project I'm making for little S', its a 365 Love Notes for Sophia from Me, I started making it after she turned one got the idea from an incredible mom (too bad I forgot her site), the original plan is to make the collection into a book and give it to her on her second birthday. Per checking I'm way behind schedule but still want to pursue this memory gift for her.

I'm not at all happy having this sore eyes, but thankfully it gave me enough time to make the perfect plan on  finishing this on time. I have six more months to go.

Here are Sophia's firsts Wonderful pictures...

Nostalgic pictures of my baby girl who's not so little anymore...



You can read more Love Notes for Sophia here:



chubskulit said...

Oh wow, that would be a precous gift Lalah, am sure that Pretty S will treasure that.

Kim, USA said...

Wow the ultra sound now is something else kitang kita na ang face. Great memories here.

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