Sep 8, 2011

Bridal Shower

Little S woke up from her afternoon nap wearing this. The green headband...

I totally forgot about it, kept in the memory box 3 years ago. My curious baby has her ways in finding things. When she came out from the room, she was wearing that... brought me back to that funny night  set up by my girlfriends as my bridal shower.

I was the youngest of the girls but the first one to get married, clueless as what a bridal shower should be, they throw me a surprise shower party anyway. But I guess I surprised them more. I came to my friends house 30 mins late from the said event. But I was the only one there. I even opened the door for them when they arrived "SURPRISE SURPRISE" the bride to be is earlier than them...

It wasn't an ideal party. No male dancers that night. hehehe No fancy food. But it was the perfect bridal shower for me, the last party bidding goodbye to my singlehood, spent with my girls.




chubskulit said...

She is really so cute! Nakakagigil sarap ikiss and hug naku kung andyan lang ako hahaha.. Ang saya naman ng bridal shower. Ako yung bridal shower ko eh shower talaga kasi we were all wet lol. Thanks for joining once again Lal. I like how you did to the header, I mean the picture that looks like a puzzle.

chubskulit said...

Hah nakita ko na yung follower widget, nasa baba pala hahaha.. Followed na po.

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