Sep 9, 2011

Fort San Pedro: Trip to the past

Fort San Pedro or Fuerza de San Pedro named after Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's flagship, was built in 1738 to repel Muslim Raiders, is the smallest oldest triangular bastion fort in the Philippines. It's has 2,025 sq meter area, 20 ft high, 8 feet thick walls and stands 30 feet from the ground.

An official report sent to King Philip II of Spain, described the Fort as, triangular in shape made of stone and mortar w/ 3 bastion, 2 of which are facing the sea: La Concepcion on the southwest side and  Ignacio de Loyola on the southeast and the third one facing the land: San Miguel on the North East side.

It is one of the most visited historical place in Cebu.

A visit will give you flashbacks of how the Fort served the different Eras.
  • 1565- It served as "the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines."
  • 1896- 1898 - Then became a prison for local rebels during Philippine Revolution.
  • 1898- It served as an American Warwick Barrack during American Regim after it was turned over to Cebuanos by American Commodore George Dewey, days after the battle of Manila ended on May1, 1898.
  • 1937- 1941 - It was used as classrooms where Cebuanos received formal education.
  • 1941-1945- Then, during World War II it became a prison camp and fortification for Japanese soldiers
  • 1946- 1950 -  It became a hospital and army camp, during the battle for liberation.
  • 1950- Cebu Garden Club took over and turned the inner part into miniature garden while the upper deck served as offices for government agencies
  • In 1957 the front courtyard was used as a zoo.
  • 1968 it underwent restorations. Coral Stones from under the sea of Cebu's coastal Towns were used to make it as close to the original as possible.
  • 1978-1993 The fort housed the offices of Department of Tourism and Philippine Tourism Authority.
NOW, on present times. Fort San Pedro serves as a museum park where it showcases Spanish artifacts, San Diego's shipwreck and Fort San Pedro's diggings.

We went there late afternoon, it perfect hanging out in their beautiful garden. We enjoyed some fresh air and some nature tripping coz place has lots of plants and flowers inside. This place is also used thousand times for prenuptial pics.


some of the paintings in the museum


If you want to travel time, and learn our history the fun way. Fort San Pedro is a must destination to go in Cebu.

LOCATION: Barangay San Roque Cebu City, near pier 1
                      Landmarks: Front- Plaza Independencia
                      Side: Cebu Central Post

OPENS:  Everday
                8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

                                                       FEES:   Regular - 30 php               
                                                                    Senior Citizens - 24 php                
                                                                    Students and Children- 20 php


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