Aug 11, 2011

Crocs vs Sunrise

Little S' crocs have been hanging in the closet for 2 years now. Yes, it is older than her.

And FINALLY it fits her. :)

What I like about this slip on shoes is that, it looks cool and hip.

I love the material coz it's very light on the feet and don't leave marks on Little S' delicate skin.

Most importantly its comfortable for the little girl owner who just discovered how to run, i mean pace... I really don't know how to describe her new learned "walk" but its not really walking, its like walking in a faster pace with a little bounce, maybe she calls it running but it gets me worried and sick to my stomach coz it looks like a "baby drunk walk" to me. (if there's such thing)

Ok before you go raising your eyebrows on me, like my mom was telling me how impractical I was for buying such pricey shoes for a baby who would wear it for only a few months. It's not that I don't get her point, I see it. I do.

I'm not brand conscious. Never was. I have branded things, YES. But I also have things bought from Tiangge. Ukay2x. My shopping deciscions are not based on name but on Practicality.  I buy good things that are with in the budget, Durability, Style and most importantly Comfort.

As proof, I bought Little S a house slipper from the stalls of Marina Mall, for 80 pesos.

That's her 2nd pair. The hole used to have a beautiful ribbon in it. But after trying it on, the ribbon just fell off. The first pair lasted only for 3 months. One day the strap just snapped on its own. I constantly have to put lotion on Little S' feet because this gives her red marks and straplines. Other than that, I give this slipper an "ok" review, for nice style/design and less cost. If this slipper doesn't last that long, I can always buy another pair. 80 pesos won't hurt that much. :)

Someday, I want her to learn to balance practicality and quality, not materialism. Definitly Not!

Now, these are Little S' faves.


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Mirage said...

my daughter loves crocs too! aside from being comfy and trendy, matibay!

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