Jul 7, 2011

Super Mario Birthday Party

Icee my adorable “super kulit” nephew is turning 9 this July 13, and he wants to have a party since cousin Sophia had a grand first birthday party last April ...

But!!! Budget is tight... :(

I love this nephew so much, he was my baby for years before Sophia was born. I talked to him about a simple party... luckily he agreed yey!!!

But with the following conditions: hehehehe (how did this kids get this smart)
1. lots of kids his age (one schoolroom, and kids from the neighbors),
2. lots of prizes
3. lots of games
4. and a Super Mario Theme

So... on a budget, Super Mario 9th Birthday Party for Kuya Icee it is. I wish I can pull this off for him ... Good Luck to me.

To do list:
ü  Birthday theme                                “Super Mario”
ü  Venue and schedule                          @ home, July 16, 2011
Ø  Budget
Ø  Invites, guest lists
Ø  Food for children and adults
Ø  Activities, Games and prizes
Ø  Favors/ giveaways
Ø  Documentation
Ø  Decors

Check out Kuya Icee's Super Mario Party.


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