Jun 21, 2011

Kalil's Car theme Birthday Party

Sophia and Icee were invited to Kalil's 2nd birthday Bash last June 5.

OoooH how i love children's party, seeing those cute little tots smile and giggle make me realize there is more to life than stressing about work...


the decors were done by Party Island Balloons and Party Needs owned by a very good friend Lucille and sister Christine. They just opened recently and already the business is a hit! congrats you guys. :)

Party!!! Party!!!!

Party Girl!!!

Party Dude!!!

And of course, a pic with Mr Clown.
I wanted to have a pic with the birthday boy but wherever Mr Clown is, Kalil is somewhere far very far away hehehe. Even little Sophia is scared of him, makes me wonder, why hire a clown if the little tots start to scream and cry at the sight of him? but that would be a different blog on its own.

  But at least kuya Icee isn't scared of him... See?

The Pinata was a Hit too....

Yummy Cakes!!!

and cupcakes made by another bestfriend Cyndril

The Give aways...

It was a good party,and everybody had a blast...
 especially Sophia... :)



Yannie said...

She's sooo cute...

BTW, thanks for the visit on my EytoZee blog

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