Sep 25, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot} : Roller Coster Ride

I havn't blog for days... that's because the last few days was a roller coaster ride for us. It's a combination of fun, draining, scary and exhausting 4 days.


Last Friday we ended the week with a party. It was my godson Liam's 2nd birthday. Me and Sophia were the first guest to arrive and the last to go. After she murdered the birthday cake leaving it icing less hahahahaha...

Oh... and it was my older brother's birthday too. I can't believe Kuya is already 35. Happy Birthday kuya Cocoy Martin :)

We went home late that night and woke up early to finish hubby's project for school. He is making a model boat. Yes he took Naval Architecture last June on top of him working full time as a ship surveyor/ Mechanical Engineer, so its basically crazy hectic for him, thus me too.... I already volunteered to typing this book he has to submit before Oct 19. When he asked me to help him solder the wires for his boat, hindi ko carry. Thanks to Regan who took soldering class is TESDA for helping.

They finished the skeleton at 2:30. Grabe we started making it at 6 am and at 2:30 its still a skeleton boat. Anyways, finish or unfinished we had to go meet up with his professor so he could submit the blueprint and etc.... and instead of submitting the model boat, we just showed him the skeleton boat and asked for an extension. "A" for AaEffort!!!!

Anybody here been to downtown CEBU? If you plan to go, Please don't wear or bring anything precious, Hubby's school is situated there and we had to park a little farther because getting a parking space there is very challenging. We walked a few meters to his school when somebody grabbed my right shoulder and grabbed my necklace. My 20 year old necklace. 

Until now, I'm still a bit shaky with the whole experience. How I wish I didn't notice my necklace gone, how I wish he didn't have to grab my shoulder. It was  a very bad experience. And up to now, It still haunts me ... 

Good thing, I have this cute little girl. Seeing her sleep gives me PEACE and SERENITY.

BAD NEGATIVE VIBES!!!! Please go away!!!!

Monday, was an abundant day. I thank God. 

I don't want to dwell anymore about that very unfortunate event, even though it still is hard to forget. I learned my lesson well and in the hard way that is. I will dwell more on the POSITIVE and the blessings God has showered me.

Have a blessed week you all. Be safe. Stay away from Snatchers :)


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Louise Antonette | Mommy Practicality said...

I haven't too, it was a really hectic week! A lot of stress coming from work and from party preps for my youngest son. And yes.. negative vibes.. shooo! :)

Mommy Maye said...

Katakot naman sis. My colleague also had that bad experience. Someone grabbed her necklace, naiwan lang ang pendant. Buti na lang daw hindi mamahalin. haha. Naalala ko dati when I am still working in Manila, un mga snatcher daw nagagalit pa pag hindi tunay ang alahas na nakukuha nila. Meron daw una pinalunok pa sa victim. Grabe kaya super takot ako pag nagccommute ako pauwe e. Ingat ka sis.

Khimbyrlee Eerlrybmihk said...

Same here. I haven't been blogging for the past days. Been busy at school with thesis and organizational works. I'm effin tired and sick. :D

The baby is so cute. Wanna pinch her cheeks!

Vera said...

Really sad to hear about the necklace, but I'm sure you will be blessed and it will come back to you in some other form, many times over.

I remember the first or second time I was ever in Cebu we were instructed to be mindful of our belongings when we went to Downtown/old commercial area. I guess things like these happen even to good people.

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