Jul 31, 2012

Sony Experia

I don't really consider myself a techy person, and I am not usually the one who gets the latest gadget out in the market but when I read the review about this phone, OMG I can't stop thinking about it.

I so need a new phone and this phone is perfect for me. It's super chic. But what I like most is that impressive crisp and clear photos and videos. That alone made my heart clap twice. Lol

Anyways, you can check a out this phone right here.

I hope this mommy's wish will come true soon. )



Jhari said...

This is really a good choice. Sony is realy known to have crisp and clear photos. I on the other hand loves my iPhone 3Gs. Kahit na wala akong Siri, updated parin ang OS pwede na sa akin. Hope your wish will come true soon.

Jhenz Balatico said...

I am a sony ericsson fanatic at ngaun Sony experia na yata sila? I own an Xperia U. badly I hate the sound quality of it esp pag nakaspeaker. With xperia P. I think mas better yan :)

aby ♥ said...

wow. buy it na! hahaha =)

leira said...

i hope you get the phone that you want..i think Xperia is good phone

Jessel said...

I'm also looking for a phone that is good but affordable..Hope you'll have this phone soon..:)

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