Jul 11, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Elian and Sophia's Pajama Party

July 11

Cousins Elian and Sophia finally met in person. Elian is Australian, Sophia is Bisaya and can only speak and understand simple English, yet they perfectly understand each other. Kids. Amazing huh?

I'm so glad to be reunited with Aunts Nanay and Mommy Kelly, my cousin Vlasta and happy to see and finally meet the hubby Stephen and my super adorable beautiful nephew Elian. I can't wait until Saturday when the rest of the clan is finally here. 

How's your day?





Ms. Journ said...

Precious kids. They bond together at once. Both are so cute...

Eds said...

Reuniting with family members can always eases the stresses in our lives. It's a got thing that your family always make sure of that eventhough they are far away.., cute kids! :)

Hope u had a great weekend :)

Louise Antonette said...

cute kids!

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