Jun 20, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Lips are for Lipsticks

Me: Sophia, what are your eyes for?

Sophia: See

Me: Your nose?

Sophia: Smell

Me: your ears?

Sophia: Hear

Me: Your lips?

Sophia: Lipstick. Pak!

Haaaaaaaaaay.... My baby girl is always asking for my kikay kit. I'm not sure if I still have a decent lipstick left... tsk tsk.





A Filipina Wife's Diary said...

Same here.. my daughter likes to copy my every move, specially when it comes to my beauty routine..=)

By the way I just became your new follower, I hope I get a follow back =)


verna said...

How adorable is that! Haha. I love her na! I'm not kikay, but my daughter is.

Paula said...

Inggit ako wala akong baby girl! She's so cute, sis!

reese said...

you have a very delightful babay girl

Sumi Go said...

Sophia's so adorable! :D Baby girl pa lang, she's kikay na.. haha.. I'm sure she'll grow into a really fine lady.. :)

Gelo said...

so so so cute... by little girls like to do that also with their mommy

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