Jan 7, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Ann's 30th Birthday

January 7: 

Ann and I have been friends since 2007. And since then we've became really close and brought us to this moment where we decided to be business partners.

She's one of my closest and trusted friend, I wish her nothing but pure happiness and I wish she would finally find  the true love she's been waiting for and she deserves. The rest, she can get for herself if she put her heart into it.

Happy Birthday Anne. That means one month from now, it's going to be my turn. Yikes. We talked about celebrating it on January 21 para tipid hahaha.... But of course, I still got the birthday girl her birthday cake.

Its going to be SINULOG next week. Cebu is on party mode already... PIT SENYOR!

Let's all have a great week.





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