May 13, 2012

Daily Snapshots: Motherhood. What have you done to me?

Mother's Day 2012

Being a Mother changed my life in so many ways. And I thought about what life used to be without Sophia and these are the few changes I've observed through the whole 2 years of being a Mom.
  • In fairness to me, I've always been a very thoughtful and loving person but I didn't know that by being a mom I COULD LOVE THIS MUCH. That I still have this much love to give. It's crazy. You don't account who loves more and how much love you have already given, you just love. Love. Love. Period.
          Now the meaning of unconditional love is crystal clear to me.
  • I miss shopping for myself. And I realized that it's never going to happen again. If I shop for myself, I always end up shopping for me, hubby and Little S.
          Heck, it's even easier to decide purchasing things for Little S, than going for my indulgence.
  • I've become a constant thinker and worrier. I can't help it. I'm always thinking about Hubby and Sophia's care 24/7.
  • I now prefer to wear flat and comfy shoes.
  • I've become so emotional about kids and families. One time I remembered watching a coke commercial here, I was crying for like 3 minutes. Promise, I got so affected by the commercial.
But those changes are only few and minor, compared to the wonderful gift of being a MOTHER. I wouldn't trade my everyday kiss and hug from Sophia, I wouldn't trade the joy she gives me every day. True, Mauryy completes me and with Sophia she keeps us WHOLE.

I play a lot of roles, from being a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter. But Being a MOTHER is the BEST role I love to play.



Pepper Tan said...

Motherhood does bring out the best in us, doesn't it? I definitely wouldn't have it any other way.

Looks like you had fun! I miss Burgoo :)

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