Feb 1, 2012

Sour Cream Box: for my Valentine Goodies

I Love February. It's my birth month and it's full of cheesiness and love. 

For this month, I'm planning to spread love and sweetness to all my lovies and the children in the street who are, maybe feeling less loved. Making an extra move as simple as it is, goes a long way.  I'm giving sweet candies and chocolates and I'm putting it inside this very easy yet cute box.

Of course, You've seen this around the web, it's very popular because it's very easy to make. Here's how I did it.

 The Materials:

  1. Stockcard- my card was originally an A3 in size, I just divided it into 4. 
  2. Double Sided tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Crimper (optional)
  5. Goodies

Simple Steps:

1. Turn the paper with the wrong side up. 
    Put adhesive to only three sides of the rectangle, as shown below.

2. Roll your paper, so it will look like the pulp of your empty toilet paper. Like this:

3. Press close the bottom of your sourcream box. leaving the top part open.

4. Put in your goodies... The sweeter the better... :)

5. Press and seal the top part of your box. Make sure you seal it the opposite way as the bottom so it will    give you a twist. 
Like this:

6. This last step is really optional. If you have a crimper, go ahead and crimp for nicer finish effect. If you     don't have one, it will still look cute and nice, don't worry.

So there you have it, an easy to do box for your goodies this valentines. You can embellish it as you please to suit whatever occasion. I'm sure your love ones will appreciate little gift like this. Go give this and make that someone smile....

Let's all spread love. Love Love Love ....


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anney said...

Ang cute! Matutuwa ang mga pagbibigyan mo!

happy caity said...

cute and sweet! hehe can we have one please?
hats off to you for spreading extra cheer and love! i'm sure your little project will make the recipients smile.

Jona said...

Sweet! I've learned one good thing today, thanks Lalah :)
our family



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