Feb 20, 2012

Hairstyle: Round Faces

What's your face shape?

If you have a round face like most Asians are, let me welcome you to the club *hugskissesmwah*.... I feel you. I feel you.

Do you envy those faces with Oval shapes? The ones who can get away with any hairstyles? Me too. That's the reason why I'm always hesitant to get haircuts. You can read it here. I'm too scared to walk out of  the salon full faced, you know what I mean? The chubby chubby cheeks, the more now that I've gained weight.

But hey I'm proud to say, I finally braved my way to the salon to get a haircut. And I now know what hairstyle suits my round face best.

I know... few more months and Rapunzel will hate me lol

Here is what I learned, there's really no need to hate our round face, we just have to know some tricks and tips so we can embrace what we have and focus on making us confident and gorgeous. As they say make the most of what we have.

The most basic principle on hairstyles for a round face is: 
Get a hair cut  that deflects the roundness of the face.
Stay away from Big- Hair looks. Its just not for us. 

Here are some tips and tricks I want to share with you. :

YES!!! to:

  • Long Hair- because it lengthens the face. (Now you know why I always wear my hair long.)
  • Straight Hair- because it doesn't add body to the side of the face.
  • Long Layers and uneven cuts that starts at the earlobes or lower 

This hairstyles can be tricky to most of us  but is still doable: 
  • Curls add volume to your face, but  if you insist on having one, it should begin below the lips. Cut in layers to weigh it down and make sure to grow it a couple inches or more below your chin.
  • Bangs- go for side swept bangs
  • Bobs- go for long bobs that are at least 2 inches longer than the jawline

What cut did I get? I chopped off 5 inches of my hair. Had a side bangs that drop chin level. And since I have thick hair, I asked for long layers to soften my face .


I'm loving my new hair. 

Somehow getting a new haircut renewed me in so many ways and it inspired me to love me more. So dramatic right? but that's how I truly feel. We devoted mothers and wives deserve all the pampering, after all a  Happy Mommy = Happy Family.


You can read more about Hairstyles for round shape faced  here and here if you're unsure about your face shape  you can go ahead and check for yourself what face shape you have, here. 

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Ferry Joy said...

ay!! talagang happiness yan Sis :)
ako gawain kung mag pagupit ng hair lalo na pag stress ako. feeling ko kasi bago na buhay ko :)

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anne said...

Going to the saloon to have our new haircut is really happiness, for me its relaxing hehehe visiting from Happiness here's my entry thanks! My Little Home

KM said...

hi lalah! your haircut suits you nice :) pretty actually. i've tried different lengths, from bob to shoulder to waist long, but i find that shorter styles are harder to maintain, so i kinda stuck with straight, waist long hair, and i've been sporting this style for seven years now :D i know, i'm boring when it comes to my hair. lol.

thanks for joining Happiness Is again. see you there again next week for another round of happy posts :)

sHeNgKaY said...

happiness talaga!
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Happy Monday!

Rosemarie said...

nice hair cut, visiting for happiness is, mine is up at


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wifetoalineman02 said...

wow! look how long your hair is Sis, you look fabulous on your new hair cut :-) Visiting late from Happiness Is, hope that you can return the visit too.


Mai said...

it really feels good to have a new haircut, kind of liberating. visiting here for happiness is...

emzkie said...

i can relate! haha.. i have a round face. short hair doesnt look good on me. =(

from Happiness..

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