Jan 5, 2012

{ Daily Snapshots}: Yayaless

I'm reading this book pages for pages in search of a new yaya for Sophie. If you know someone with a good personality, who is clean and who smells good, who knows how to speak decent English. Who is in for a great adventure with the a Kilats, let me know. Sophie has been yaya less since before Christmas.

January 5: 

In fact we've been yayaless since the week before Christmas.

Don't I need a yaya? I sure do.

Why did I let her go? You tell me.

My daughter isn't eating right she gives her lots of junk foods.

During naptime, she's the one who's napping not Little S whats scary is she locks our room where both off them are suppose to be napping. What if during her nap my baby falls? Or why the H**L, does she close our room for?

Here's where I made the draw, one time she went out with her friends she borrowed my digi cam, the one hubby bought me from Japan. She lost it!!!

She burned 3 bottles of Avent. And yes, I instructed her well about the how to's and all. and yet she burned 3 bottles, not one but three.

She had a bad odor, so I bought her soap, deodorants, cologne but still.

I told her to cut her long nails short and told her I don't like to see manicures, told her to ties her hair always especially around sophia.... But what she hears on the right side of her ear goes out to the left.

Everytime we went out and bring her along, we ended up paying for more, I get more stressed calling her attention to look after Sophia.

We agreed on once a week day off, but she always breaks it. She goes out everynight and I learned that she brings her friends at home without asking us. Serving them snacks.

So you tell me, if you were me would you let her stay?

Yes, I'm desperate for somebody to take care of my daughter but I just feel so abused by her. If I weigh things out she is more a burden than a help. So one night, out of impulse I let her go. She asked me if she could go out with her friends that night, I said NO because I had a fever that time and she was out last night and the other night, But she doesn't want to be stopped.

I LET HER GO. I told her she can go and never come back.

She was shocked, and attempted to negotiate but I know, I was firm. I had it. I had to let her go.





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