Jan 16, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }:Tired Lappy

January 16: 

This was the last time my old but trusted friend "lappy" was seen active. Three hours after that, lappy died on me. I'm not really techy at all or at least not enough to solve whatever lappy's issue was. Maybe if she could just talk she would scream at me at the top of her lungs 
"I'M OVER USED". Ok ok i got it, but I got no budget for a new lappy ok. 
My files! i'll be nuts if all of my files are gone. 
" Lappy don't give up on me, if you want to retire please give me my files. My whole life is in there."
I was panicking, I have no budget for repair and  Lappy just won't give in to my whims.

Thankfully I have good friends who loves me and is willing to fix lappy for free... Thanks so much to my trusted and good friends for fixing lappy and for bringing back my life. mwah :)

Haller to Mr and Mrs Vergara... You are leaving for the states soon. I don't know what to do if Lappy will have tantrums again. But again Thank You I love you both and my inaanaks too.





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