Jan 9, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Separation Anxiety

January 9:

 In the car on the way to work, I can't shake off Sophia's tiny sharp voice shouting and crying my name asking me and Maury not to work, her face full of tears always breaks my heart. (the pains of a working mom). BUT today was different, I hugged her and told her like other days, 
"Baby mommy is going to work, be a good girl ok. I'll be back soon. I will call you"
I was somehow expecting the cry and whining and the death defying grip "don't go mommy" but to my amazement,
"ok ma, take care." with tight hugs and kisses.  
Up to now, I'm smitten. Sure? was that really Pia? I had to check twice. It was really her. She is growing up too fast. :(





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