Jan 26, 2012

The Big 3-0: Oyster Bay

My Birthday is on February 6. But my birthday celebration has already started.

Last friday Jan. 20, I celebrated my 30th birthday with my dear friend Ann who turned 30 herself last Jan 7, we met halfway to celebrate together along with good friends who are like family to both of us.

Ann and I have been friends for 6 years now, we started as dentist associates and now we are business partners but more than that we are very very good friends, heck I see her more than Maury, so we're basically family, we are sisters.  I only have few friends but I'm so proud to say that I'm surrounded with wonderful people who cares and loves me. Ann is one of those friends, I can tell her anything good or bad and she knows I only mean well and it's vice versa. No pretentions, we can tell each other anything and we know we are not judged. 

Yes we are 30... and fabulous still... Remember age is just a number. :)

We dined in at Oyster Bay. I love it there, especially when you are going to do a lot of catch up with friends. It has a good ambiance, a beach set up with coconut trees, sands, a lagoon and sharks. Yes sharks but only small ones and harmless. 

I'll give you a little tour first.

Tables with umbrellas are located nearest to the lagoon where the sharks are. The floor is covered with white sands. If you want to have a romantic date with Hubby, this place is really nice, you can star gaze together, have private sweet conversation and when 7:30 pm comes for fish feeding, you can go ahead and  feed them together. 

You can choose where to eat, they have tables inside the air conditioned room which can accommodate 80 people, or you can dine al fresco style like we did. 

Since Cebu is still hype with Sinulog, thus their centerpiece.

We were a group of  8 and we all fit in their low, orange, and very comfy couch. (which I wanna take home together with the outdoor table with umbrella) 

Dr. George, Julius, Jao, Ann, Yads, Danver, Me and Hubby

We filled our hungry stomachs with these:

If you want to know more about Oyster Bay, visit their website here.

Short Chika.
Dr. George: Wala lang jud hibali Carl noh mu 30 ra jud diay mo. 
Me: As in. I can't believe I'm 30, I still feel like I'm 21...  
I remembered when I was still 23 fresh from Dent School, fresh from passing the licensure exam, I would have all my patients age 30 up to have their BP's taken. They always give me a shocking face, dropped mouth "WHAA"

I always ask them if they have maintenance drugs for Hypertension and Diabetes, again the shocking face and dropped mouth "WHAT"

Now, I'm 30 and I understand. 30 isn't that old pa diay noh? hahahaha...

Anyways, time for some birthday wish...  I'll blog about it soon

Happy Birthday to us.

More birthday post coming soon...



anney said...

Such a wonderful celebration with friends! Belated happy birthday to your friend at Advance happy birthday namn sayo!

Grazie Estrella said...

wow such great place. thanks for posting this...


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