Aug 18, 2011

The Pre-Nuptial Pics

Back at March 2,2008.

Hubby and I had our pre-nup pics taken. It was a day full of excitement, a day full of love. Brings me back to the "kilig moments" (I'm even smiling ear to ear now). Oh, I so love this wonderful man, I love the sweetness of my ex-boyfriend, the responsible father and husband that he has become, and I love the man he aspires to be. He never fails to amaze me.

Phoebe Carla

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chubskulit said...

Thanks for linking up Lal, love these photos. Match made in heaven kayong dalawa. I love the venue of the photo shoot!

anne said...

and super ang ganda talaga! Mine is up and its here thanks Mary Anne’s Musings

awifeonline said...

wow, awesome pics of you and your hubby...super sweet. hubby and i had no pre-nuptial pics noon kasi last minute wedding.

here from Nostalgia

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