Aug 2, 2011

Our Vows

Our Lifetime commitment...
March 8, 2008 -  Eternity

You were born because Daddy and Mommy fell in love.


You can read more Love Notes for Sophia here:


Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

What a beautiful picture! Thanks for linking up!

kaye said...

the perfect wedding quote . . . Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Vanessa said...

I cried at my wedding while saying these vows.

What a lovely picture.

Rcel said...

Amen at your wedding commitment and vow! Beautiful photo this is! :)

My whites:
Apricot Blossoms?
Stuhrling Watch
Melting Snow and our White Dress
Hope to see you at mine! ;-) Thanks!

Pinx said...

awwww...that is one sweet photo!!! nothing beats it! was here for WW!

raya said...

what a lovely photo!! ;) you both look so in love with each other. I love your header too!

thanks for joining this week!

Lisa said...

The analogy of your love being an umbrella during the rain is a lovely sentiment when coupled with the vow. Nicely done.

chie said...

such a lovely picture of you..a perfect share for Wednesday White

i noticed the date of your wedding meron talagang 8...same with mine - May 18, 2008

gagay said...

sweet capture.. :D

late visit from WW.. here's my entry. :D

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