Aug 30, 2011

SATURDAY: 16 Month Milestone: My Little Monkey

She's getting very active. Very very very active. Sometimes too active for my liking.

One moment she's here and then over there the next minute. She loves hiding, running, and lying on the floor so much...  Oh, She's all over the place.

She's a climber too. She climbs over anything, even the refrigerator. Even the passenger handle in the car. Did i give birth to a monkey?

Is all the running, climbing and hiding, a phase? how long till she settles down? I have a feeling it has just began. I swear I feel muscle on my arms already from all the running after her and rescuing her from falling.

Sophia!!!! Please stay still!!!




Mommy Carla

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Clarissa said...

oh dear!mahihirapan ka na sa pagbantay sa lil angel mo!Isipin mo na lang na parang exercise ang paghahabol sa kanya^_^

Happy KID!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

with her being so active like that, you need an extra eye at the back of your head. :)
Thanks for joining Kids in Doodles!

Little Zoie's Steps said...

she's just discovering the many uses of her limbs. :) and the feeling it gives too.
be careful little one.

visiting thru KID. mine's here at Little Zoie's Steps

Keanna said...

Pretty little girl is so active nga! Thank you for joining Messy Go Round. See you again.

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