Apr 16, 2011

Family Blog

I'm blogging! (big smiles)

This is my first ever post in my blog. Saying "My Blog" feels soooo good :) hahahaha :) I've been wanting to have my own blog and i finally did it!!!

Why blog?
I love to write. Even as a little girl, writing has been an outlet for me. I am the kind that has a diary, and I keep them and read them all the time. I love reading about the people who has been part of my life, the experiences and  lessons. It gives me inspiration.
I want to remember my life and how things are and use to be.

This blog is all about about MY FAMILY, marriage, Sophia's milestones, me as a first time working mom, our experiences, my rant, my passion and anything under the sun.
I am now thinking out loud... hopefully I won't bore you. Hopefully we get to be friends and inspire each other in the smallest ways. Share your thoughts too by writing some comments. I love to hear from you. :)



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