Jun 28, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Bear Bank

Meet Greenie. She is my bear bank. 

Six more months to go before Christmas, can you believe it? I'm already preparing for gift giving funds. That's where Greenie comes handy. She will be holding 5 and 10 peso coins for that purpose. I know I should have started January, hopefully I will be able to make Greenie full and fat by November so I can make a lot of people happy right?

Are you guys, getting ready for the happiest season of the year already? Care to share some tips?





Cintamuni said...

Me I think going to be buying stuff as early as September I guess..

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Postcard Trail said...

its amazing that i just mentioned this morning that its almost chrismtas. i have already started my christmas shopping would you believe that? i have my own coin bank but your greenie looks way cuter. :)

bonz said...

i'm starting to save up for my gift giving funds as well. time is passing by so fast, next thing we know, it is already Christmas!
cute bear!

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