Mar 15, 2012

Rainforest Park Cebu: Oceanarium Restaurant

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :) 

Maury has been busy with work for the past few weeks and he kind of want to spend and make up for the times he didn't come home or if he does come home, me and Sophie are already asleep. Sophia misses her so much, if you remember I posted it here. I also miss hubby, I miss the little talks... We barely have 10 minutes of talk last few days. In one of our conversation he said,
"I wish money grows on trees."
I wish it too.... Don't you too? So we could spend more time with our love ones.

Anyways on the happy lighter note, Last Sunday night we went on a road trip to find a place to bond and eat. We ended up going to Rainforest Park Cebu because Sophia saw the Lion in their signage. She's obsessed with lions and she can't stop roaring.

Rainforest is a nice place for families to bond, it offers a different mix of entertainment. It has cafes, an Oceanarium Restaurant, Jungle adventure, and salon. I love the ambiance of the place, it's relaxing but what I love most is that it promotes nature and animals. 

We didn't have the chance to really explore the place since it was already late and we were all hungry so we went straight to the Oceanarium Restaurant.

Yes. She was dancing while waiting for us to go in

Inside. Love love their aquarium walls

Finally our food was served. But it was disappointing. The food taste OK/ so so BUT the price was ridiculously high for a so so food. We paid almost 1K for this. Not worth it.
My recommendation: go there to view the oceanarium,  you Just pay 50 pesos entrance fee. But go somewhere else to eat.

LOCATION: Ayala Access Road, Mabolo Cebu City

We didn't enjoy the meal but at least we enjoyed the hammock and kids enjoyed the place.

Daddy, Little S, Me and my nephew Kuya I

My Nephew Kuya I

In effect of not enjoying the food, we ended up buying shaved ice and icecream after. 

All in all, we had a wonderful night. Kuya I and Little S got to see the fishes and other animals up close. Daddy wasn't feeling so guilty for working so hard anymore now that we got to have a quality time. Me, I'm happy to see my family happy. I value experience more than any material possession and I want Little S to grow up remembering these happy and fun moments together. That lasts forever...

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michie said...

wow,nainggit naman ako dito.gusto ko tuloy pumunta din dyan. kids enjoyed it so much.

visiting for happiness is..

anne said...

At least you all had a blast for ice cream treat and the unforgettable experience in that park, for keepsakes indeed. Visiting from Happiness. mine is up and its here thanks My Little Home

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful family you have Sis, beautiful pictures too :-) am not sure if I have been in that park, worth checking for someday :-) Visiting from Happiness Is...hope that you can return your happy visit too.

Rosemarie said...

wow, mukhang nagenjoy kayong lahat, visiting for Happiness is, I hope to you can pay me a visit at

see yeah!

Travel Tips blog |Cultures Blog said...

Nice family place.

KM said...

Pretty pretty naman ni Sophia :) Manang mana sa mommy nya!

Kung pwede nga lang sana na mag grow ang money sa trees, no? That's actually been a long-running joke in my family. I have been supporting them financially for quite a while now since my parents no longer work and I still have a younger brother that goes to school, so that makes me somewhat the breadwinner for them even if I'm married myself. Whenever it's time for me to send money and it's not sweldo yet, I tell them "hindi pa namumunga ang money tree ko." And when they get their padala, they'd reply back to me saying, "Thanks, naani na namin ang bunga ng money tree mo!" :D So yeah, if only money grows on trees, wala na sigurong mag-a-abroad para malayo sa pamilya nila. Lahat magtatanim na lang ng puno sa backyard nila ;)

Thanks for sharing this, Lalah. You have lots of inspiring stories to share, and I'm really glad that you're spilling this over at Happiness Is meme. Looking forward to reading more of your happy posts :)

Rosemarie-My Journey said... for my other entry of happiness is, see you at

please do leave some love..

GeriLen Elinessete said...

we're planning to go back to cebu and i wanna visit the oceanarium too thanks for the heads up!

Lady Anne Abit said...

Oh, this is a new fun spot in Cebu! We will be visiting Cebu again early next year, might include this on our places to see.

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